2023 Recap:

2023 was a successful year for our K3 athletes. We managed a whopping 25 podiums and gained loads of experience along the way!

Preparing for the Racing Year Ahead:

Here we are, the off-season has ended (or is nearing the end) and if you haven’t done so already, you are probably considering your plans for the racing year ahead…

We have a few top tips to help with choosing which races you should stick your all into this season!

1. Pick your distance wisely!
– Think about previous triathlon experience, current fitness levels, and the time you must dedicate to training.
– Consider how long you think you’ll need to be able to complete your event. Are you in it to complete or compete? Once you have the answers to all of these questions, you can make a better choice as to whether that event on your mind is a sensible idea!

2. Have you “been there and done it” before?
– Does it really matter if you have done the same event/course year after year? Every year you’ll be faced with new opposition, different weather conditions, varied race dynamics, and, best of all, more race experience!
– Analyse your data from sports watches or bike computers after your event to see where you made gains or encountered challenges.

3. Have a main focus!
– Consider your “A race,” the race of the season where you’re putting your all into it.
– Avoid entering too many events, as a race every weekend will not allow you time to recover or maximise training gains.
– Pick events that are evenly spread throughout the season, with adequate recovery/training time between.
– Consider the distances and avoid conflicting with your focus race for the season.

Looking for Training Support?

Do you think you might need some help organising your training for the race season ahead? Why not contact us here where we’d be happy to chat through ways we might be of service!

From swim analysis, specific 1-1 plans for a triathlon, or even a tailored to suit run plan to target that half-marathon PB. Fancy a chat?! Hit us up… We’d be over the moon to help you reach those goals!

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