In this case, we race our bikes online, via a gaming platform called Zwift. We do this from the comfort of our home… Some say we’re mad. I, on the other hand, think it’s pretty dam cool and here’s some of the reasons why….

Firstly, we’re based in Scotland and so the weather can sometimes play a big part in whether you want to train outside or not! My racing bike is always set up on the turbo. It only leaves the trainer for race day. Well, sometimes prior to race day just for a wee test spin. Basically, no matter what the weather throws at us, I can always ride my bike inside! And guess what… I rarely need to clean it! Apart from wiping the sweat up of course! 🌦️☔⛈️

Next on the list of great reasons to ride indoors… Well, it’s quick and easy! No need to get the correct kit on, inspect the bike, sort the tyre pressures, pack the spares, make sure you have the right nutrition, charge the bike computer, charge the lights, plan the route, organise meeting your buddies at the right place and the right time. Simply grab your shorts, fill up your water bottle, ensure the fan is close by and off you pop! Easy as 1, 2, 3! By the way, your race buddies can join you at any time- even if they are late to the party!


Another big tick in the “indoor training box” is around workouts that suit an individual’s ability perfectly. Find a workout or even design a workout (in Training Peaks or on Zwift) and Zwift will adjust/personalise the session to each person who chooses to use it, so you can target a specific training zone as you want to. Here at K3 we tend to be taking part in multisport events and it’s important that us and our athletes focus on training at the correct intensity, for the correct periods of time. WHY NOT CHECK OUT SOME OF  OUR TRAINING PEAKS PLANS HERE

This year in August, The UCI World Cycling Championships will be held in Glasgow and across Scotland. Now in keeping with the Scottish theme, Zwift are hosting the 2023 UCI Cycling eSports World Championships. Yes. You heard me correctly. This indoor bike racing game has followed suit and have even created a new Zwift world to mimic some of the features and things we love about Scotland! We’ll be treated to this event later on this month… 

If you have Zwift and you haven’t done any racing yet, then you should! Team Time Trials, solo TTs, Crit races and mega hills are all in store for you! What’s more exciting, is the more you ride, the more sweat drops you collect and yes… These are real Zwift currency for buying some awesome new in game bikes! 💦🥵

All this racing stuff sounds good doesn’t it?! And we know just the place you can start!! We have a 6 week K3 race series beginning… We’re kicking off at 8.30pm every Friday from the 10th Feb till 17th March! Each race is a short sharp 10km Individual TT… 

Have you been convinced to join us yet?

Click the link and join us for as many as you can! We look forward to seeing you on the start line 💪🏻

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