As far as the title may go I’m not going to talk about food, well not yet anyway.
Your bread and butter sessions are something that you should always include within your training no matter what your fitness level. These types of sessions will help increase your fitness/stamina.


Threshold Swim Session – 
This will be an uncomfortable session but is important. Aim to swim this at your best consistent pace with short rest recoveries. Depending on what your ability level is the length of repetitions and recovery time will vary.


Swim Set examples:
30-40 x 50m With 15-20 seconds rest.
15-25 x 100m with 15 seconds rest.
10 x 200m with 10 seconds rest
4-6 x 400m with 20/30 seconds rest.


When you see your fitness/endurance levels increase try building the number of repetitions and reducing the rest periods.
Now did someone mention food? 🍲😉

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